Jason Mooberry

Interests: cryptography, systems thinking, tai chi, performance engineering, advising startups.

I've had the good fortune to work on a lot of cool stuff, with great people. Always looking for new opportunities where I can be useful and learn new things.



a carousel of eye candy
typ type faster (Chrome only)
cardinal measure cardinality of streams for smarter anomaly detection
dk decaying 2-D hashtable of counters for trend monitoring
skwurly Varnish url sorter plugin entry for vmod competition
tunr a game with your pace in mind
ecsmas a holiday website that generates snowflakes


Fun with antlr, undertow, and d3.js for musics

It was a fun weekend project and still had enough time to see a few movies in-between. With all the frameworks out there it's so easy to argue over style and forget that this stuff saves us time to have lives with. I'm heading to yoga now. Cali has infected me with it's culture of leisure.

What I learned from my first c coding challenge

Last week at Vimeo we had a challenge. Build a better query string parameter sorter for a Varnish plugin. The gauntlet was thrown down at 5pm on a Friday and by 2am Friday night we had our first contender.

Cellular automata, HTML5, canvas tools

A little while back I had an idea to use Cellular Automata rules to generate random groupings of xy coordinates. This worked well as a way to generate a rock pattern for my canvas drawing.

Password management with TrueCrypt and Dropbox

Maintaining passwords for multiple servers across multiple development environments was a hassle. A few shell functions and Dropbox account will get you pretty far.

Quick Encrypt your coffee shop traffic using an ssh tunnel

Just a little function to add to your Apple OS's .profile that automatically turns on a socks proxy and tunnels all your traffic through the server of your choice.

Drawing with Cellular Automata and HTML5 Canvas

Using cellular automata to generate "clumping" in natural landscapes of canvas art

How to refactor other's code

hint: you have to talk to them

Ecsmas and Tron

The beginnings of algo art with ecsmas snowflakes and a simple star

DumbledORM version 0.1 release

DumbledORM received a lot of great feedback and attention after it's release. Happy to roll a few new pieces to help it along.

MEMP: PHP 5.3 with FPM and nginx via MacPorts

Setting up nginx with PHP-FPM via MacPorts.

tunr - a puzzle game

a game designed to pace you

The long dark tea-time of the node

Looking back I would've never guessed this project would have had so many twists and turns. I set out to build a game that was about synchronizing with computer generated rhythms.

Constant-time string comparison

I spotted a Symfony2 commit to prevent timing attacks and disected it

Introducing DumbledORM a novelty ORM

I'm proud to release DumbledORM today. It is the product of a late night hack sesh with an idea to build a PHP ORM in less than 100 lines. After it's all said and done I arrived at 200 lines with lots of features.

A new home

After a considerable amount of downtime with my vps provider I decided to look for a new one. My research and setup process on Linode.

Throttling Bandwidth with ipfw

Bandwidth throttling on OSX to keep Blizzard's P2P downloader from saturating your connection.

PHP - cast as array

PHP cast-to-array overview

Geoff - Game of Life

A naive browser-based CA grid with Game of Life rules and a handful of starting patterns.

MongoDB and Symfony, Part 2: Simple Queries

Welcome to the second part of this matchup between MongoDB and MySQL 5.4 via Doctrine ORM on Symfony.

MongoDB and Symfony, Part 1: Inserts

The first part in a 2 part series on a set of benchmarks to see how fast MongoDB and MySQL 5.4 are with the Symfony framework.