DumbledORM version 0.1 released!

I'm happy to announce the release of DumbledORM 0.1. It's a major revamp from the initial release. It's still the same ~200 loc, but now chocked full of comments and under the MIT license.

A few noteworthy changes.

  1. PDO now throws exceptions by default. The standard default in PDO is to fail silently. This was unintended and thanks to @jimplush for reporting it. Be sure to try/catch your code appropriately.
  2. Db::execute() method added. All of the Db methods are publicly accessible and this method is for executing sql that doesn't require a fetch (inserts, updates, deletes, etc). The requirement for this method became clear after turning on exceptions in PDO.
  3. Better docs. The docs in the README have been updated and reformatted.
DumbledORM received a lot of great feedback and attention after it's release. Thank you for all the positive response to this little ORM. I hope it continues to grow in use and remains small in size.