Introducing DumbledORM,
a novelty ORM

I'm proud to release DumbledORM today. It is the product of a late night hack sesh with an idea to build a PHP ORM in less than 100 lines. After it's all said and done I arrived at 200 lines with lots of features. The decision to call it DumbledORM came after realizing there was more casting and magic in it than anything out there. :)

Some examples of what it can do:

# load record with id 13
$user = new User(13);

# create new record
$user = new User(array(
    'name' => 'Jason',
    'email' => 'a@b.com',

# find single record
User::one(array('name' => 'Jason'))->delete();

# apply object methods to entire set at once
PhoneNumber::select('`number` like "607%"')
    ->setLocation('Ithaca, NY')

# relations between objects
$user->create(new PhoneNumber(array(
    'type' => 'home',
    'number' => '347-333-4444',

# update all user phone numbers matching $type
$user->getPhoneNumber('`type` = ?',$type)
Applying model object methods to entire sets of objects, jQuery style, is made possible by this incantation:
final class ResultSet extends ArrayIterator {
    public function __call($method,$params=array()) {
        foreach ($this as $obj) {
        return $this;
So proud. I hope you find it fun and maybe even useful. Although at this point all I can say is that it's passing it's little tests.